Tish  Fried
Write Yourself Free & The Editing Company

Creating Community: Full Writers' Support

Tish  Fried
Write Yourself Free & The Editing Company
252 Post Road East
Westport, CT  06880

Cell: 203-858-8249

Email: tishpatrick@gmail.com
Website: http://www.writeyourselffree.com

Business Areas:

  • Education
  • Writer / Copywriter / Editor
  • Communications
Getting everyone writing! Workshops cover memoir, fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, children's, songwriting, storytelling & songwriting. Dedicated Writers' Room. Events that support writers such as Author Talks, Publishing Info, Storytelling, Free Workshops, and lots more. One-on-one editorial support. We just signed top editor and offer proof reading and are launching our own imprint

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