The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Network, EWN, was established in 1982 as a small, informal networking and support group that met regularly for lunch.  The group’s original purpose was to help one another by talking about and sharing problems. 

Among EWN’s founding members were:

  • Marilyn Salmieri, C.P.A.
  • Joan Robertson (home remodeling)
  • Anita Caggiano (professional organizer)
  • Sandra Hubbard-Esposito (retail)
  • Bobbie Crump, C.F.P.
  • Gail Stone, C.P.A.

The group grew slowly, getting a boost in the Fall of 1984 from a meeting that was co-sponsored by Fairfield County Woman magazine.  In the Spring of 1985, it became apparent that the group had become too large (30 to 40 women) for the previously informal style of administration.  The first Board of Directors was established in July of 1985. 

EWN celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2007-2008.  Today, our members are attorneys, accountants, experienced business women, coaches, marketing and communications specialists, high technology consultants and other professionals.  Our multiple monthly events include Luncheons with speakers, Morning Workshops for more intensive trainings, educational programs, open houses, Business Expos and social events.  Many of our members belong to EWN-sponsored Mastermind Groups, which are informal “Board of Directors” for entrepreneurs.

Now, 27 years later, EWN is a vital organization, due to its dynamic members.  For example, last year, EWN:

  • Had over 250 members (an increase of over 100 members since the year before)
  • Was interviewed and featured on Channel 12 and other CT cable stations
  • Had our 2nd Annual Business Expo, with over 55 members showcasing their services and products and 300 people attending the event
  • Increased event attendance by over 70%
  • Had over 700 members and non-members on its e-mail list

We regularly survey members to find out what they need, then adapt our programs and events accordingly.  We look forward to more growth in the coming year, as we expand to include increasing numbers of business students, new and experienced entrepreneurs, and second-careerists.

Thank you to all our members who make EWN thrive!

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