EWN Reservation, Payment and Refund Policies

Event Reservation Policy

Prepaid reservations secure your place and are required for all EWN events. Reservations will be accepted on the EWN Web site (www.ewn-ct.org) until 12 noon three business days before the event; payment must be made in full along with your registration. Reservations by telephone, mail or e-mail are not accepted.

Walk-ins are NO LONGER accommodated on a space-available basis. You MUST register in advance.

Payment Policy

EWN accepts cash, check, or online credit card payment at EWN’s Web site. Credit cards are accepted only for online payments at EWN’s Web site and NOT at the events themselves. When you register online, print and bring with you the reservation acknowledgment as confirmation of payment.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made only if you cancel your reservation three (3) or more days prior to the event. To cancel your reservation, send an e-mail message to EWN’s Administrator (info@ewn-ct.org) stating the event, date, your name, your telephone number, and the amount you paid. Refunds will not be made if you cancel the reservation after the deadline (three or more days prior to the event) or if you do not attend the event.

Reservations made through EWN’s Web site and canceled three (3) or more days prior to an event may be credited towards a future event of equal cost for no additional charge, or refunded for a $5.00 processing charge.

EWN has its refund policy listed on the "About EWN -- EWN Policies" section of its Web site, as well as on its Shopping Cart payment page. This policy is in place because EWN provides a set number of meal reservations to the restaurant well before the date of each event, so the restaurant can purchase the appropriate amount of food. EWN foots the bill for this guaranteed number of meals, even if people don't show up. Therefore, as a not-for-profit organization, EWN must have a strict refund policy to avoid financial difficulties.

Event Cancellation Policy

If it is necessary to cancel an event, the cancellation will be noted on EWN’s Web site (www.ewn-ct.org) and a notice will be sent via e-mail to all EWN mailing list recipients.

All EWN communication
(e-mails for events and newsletters) is opt in. You must add your e-mail address in this area. It is not an automatic part of our EWN membership.