Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to become one of the dedicated volunteers who make EWN the dynamic place it is. Please put your talents, creativity, and ideas to work by joining one of our committees.

Simply complete the form below and indicate which committees you would like to support:

Promotes EWN membership; makes EWN guests and visitors feel welcome at events; responds to member questions/concerns.
Provides registration and table hostesses for the monthly Luncheons, Morning Workshops and other EWN events.
Ways & Means
Researches and arranges sponsorships for EWN events and activities.  This includes corporate donors as well as event sponsors.
Arranges topics and finds appropriate monthly Luncheon speakers.
Morning Workshops
Plans and coordinates Morning Workshops.
Grand Networking Event (GNE)
Plans the annual GNE from start to finish, including arranging speakers, menus, location, etc.
Business Expo
Plans the Business Expos from start to finish, including arranging booths, location, food, etc.
After Hours Networking
Plans the After Hours events from start to finish, including arranging location, theme, activities, food, etc.
Continuing Education
Researches and develops Continuing Education programs from start to finish.  Programs can be Webinars, conference calls or in-person.
Mastermind Program
Helps connect program members with existing Groups or Groups just forming; maintains and distributes Mastermind manual; runs Mastermind Open Houses.
Handles press releases for newspapers, radio, and television for all EWN events. Welcomes press at events.
e-Newsletter/Member News
Gathers information for Member News area of the website; compiles and produces monthly e-newsletter.
Long-Range Planning
Conducts annual EWN Board retreat; researches and recommends a plan of action based on EWN’s long-term goals.

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